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Overcoming Resistance with Dr. David Burns: The Secret to Better Outcomes in Less Time


  1. Explain the process of paradoxical agenda-setting and how it helps the client become their own agent for change
  2. Identify the four steps of TEAM therapy
  3. Describe why the therapist’s empathy is such a crucial ingredient in helping clients undo negative thinking patterns
  4. Create a mood log and be able to take an assessment at the start and conclusion of therapy
  5. Review how to work with a client to develop a customized relapse prevention plan

Introducing a New Approach to Client Resistance

  • Learn about David’s TEAM approach for overcoming resistance. Find out how the elements of the process-testing, empathy, agenda setting, and methods-combine to “melt” resistance, motivate clients, and result in more positive outcomes.

Melting Resistance: Clinical Demo and Analysis I

  • Watch David Burns implement his TEAM approach with a client who’s struggled for 9 years with crippling symptoms from a traumatic event.

From Resistance to Healing: Clinical Demo and Analysis II

  • The clinical video and analysis continues in this 90-minute session concluding with a dramatic positive outcome. It features agenda-setting and use of methods-the final 2 phases of the TEAM process.

Preparing Your Client to Prevent Relapse

  • David Burns and Richard Simon follow up the extraordinary single-session resolution seen in the clinical demonstration with a detailed discussion of relapse-why it occurs and how to prevent it.
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David Burns Answers Your Questions (Q&A call recording)


  • List 5 common diagnoses the TEAM process is an effective approach for


  • Learn more about overcoming client resistance, the clinical demonstration, and how the TEAM approach can help you in your practice.
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Bonus! The Motivation Revolution


  • Describe a paradoxical approach that encourages resistance and promotes real change


  • Cognitive vs. Motivational Revolution
  • New Research on Depression
    • Results
    • British CoBalT Trial
    • Six-Month Evaluation
  • What is TEAM Therapy?
    • Goals of Agenda Setting
      • Two Types of Resistance
        • Outcome and Process Resistance
        • Depression Resistance in a Nutshell
      • Advantages of Paradoxical Agenda
      • Disadvantages of Paradoxical Agenda
    • Unlimited Free Psychotherapy Training
    • Additional Resources — TEAM Therapy
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