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Radical Acceptance with Tara Brach, Ph.D.: Integrating Meditation to Heal Shame and Fear in Clinical Practice


Radical Acceptance and Meditation Overview

Meditation for Emotional Resilience, Emotional Intelligence and Deep Transformation

Radical Acceptance: Cultivate the Two Wings of Awareness

The RAIN Model: Apply Meditation to Emotional Suffering

Releasing Armor: Cultivate a Forgiving Heart

Evolving our Capacity for Compassion

Positive Neuroplasticity - “Seeing the Good”


  1. Identify basic principles of Buddhist psychology and explain their relevance in evaluating treatment options for anxiety and depression.
  2. Examine the role and mediating mechanisms of meditation practices in healing emotional suffering.
  3. Utilize mindfulness and compassion practices in addressing fear, grief, anger and shame.
  4. Recognize the contra-indications of various attentional strategies in addressing traumatic fear.
  5. Explain meditative strategies that address interpersonal conflict.
  6. Differentiate the components of varying attentional strategies.
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Escaping the Cybertrance

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  1. Identify ways to help clients detach from their technological dependencies


Overview of escaping the cyber trance

Experiencing the cyber trance Concluding remarks form Tara Brach

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Deliberate Practice and the Inner Life

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  1. Summarize Dr. Brach’s paradoxical approach towards meditation and the implications for treatment.


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