Troy J - Springfield, Illinois

"I love IFS so much! I have already started to use the material in my individual sessions, focusing on Self and our Parts. It's an incredible program - something that I was definitely looking for!"

Gloria H - JACKSON, Mississippi

"This was a superb program. Thank you."

Alexander C - Clearwater, Florida

"Great job overall. Dr. Anderson made it interesting and human-centered."

Scott H - CHICAGO, Illinois

"Excellent course, very informative, especially in the area of neuroscience related to therapy. "

Connie M - Burlington, Ontario

"This was an excellent presentation and I learned a tremendous amount. I hope to continue my education in IFS. There is much I still need to learn. "

Ryan N - PHOENIX, Arizona

"Fantastic course"

Lauren M - SILVER SPRING, Maryland

"Excellent, course. Best ever, and very thoroughly taught for a one-day seminar. Wow!"

Rhegina S - Bethesda, Maryland

"This training was truly excellent. I’m looking forward to learning even more about IFS. "

douglas n - CRYSTAL LAKE, Illinois

"He was an excellent presenter, knowledgeable, so personable and I loved his ease of interaction and quick to laugh.....really enjoyed him. I look forward to more teaching sessions with him."

Amber W - SALT LAKE CITY, Utah

"This was a very powerful training and I LOVED IT! I wish I'd had this training 3 years earlier!!! I can't wait to watch the next workshop on the step-by-step application of this model."