Janet M. J - Saint Louis, Missouri

"Wonderful course and very practical. "

Loida Elena R - HAMPDEN, Maine

"Dr. Erin was very engaging and clear in her presentation. Very passionate on the topic. Thank you very much. God bless you as you help others journey in their healing."

Rachel L - Clemson, South Carolina

"This was excellent. it held my attention and was packed full of useful information"

SCOTT L - ASHLAND, Wisconsin

"Outstanding seminar. I would definitely be interested in other workshops which Dr. Sirrine is presenting."

Kathryn T - MOSES LAKE, Washington

"I was pleasantly surprised at what a wonderful job Erica did."


"I loved the energy of this presenter."

Kristena J - CLINTON, Maryland

"Awesome Instructor. Knows the subject of grief very well. Would take another class!"

Melanie P - Fort Kent, Maine

"I found this to be one of the best trainings I have attended on grief and loss. It gave practical ways as a clinician to utilize the therapeutic tools as well as great information on how to prepare and education clients on grief and various components of loss. I will certainly be able to use a lot of this knowledge to better my private practice as well as helped to reinforce some of what I have already been doing as a clinician. Great energy and personality as a presenter! Would attend another"

Perry A - BALSAM LAKE, Wisconsin

"She is an excellent presenter. She did a superb job of explaining importance of spirituality."