Jennifer D - Omaha, Nebraska

"I appreciated how Carol Westby engaged the participants in a variety of ways. For example, she started talking about her raising ducks, which was an innovative and attention-getting way of making her point. It helped me refocus on the material and stay engaged (similar to a Brain Break that educators do so often with students). I can't say enough positive things about this learning."

Elaine H - Palmyra, Virginia


Edith B - CORVALLIS, Oregon

"I requested some handouts that were emailed to me immediately. Thank you!"

Amy S - RENO, Nevada

"None at this time."

Mari Ann J - Indianapolis

"I was very pleased with this course. The speaker was excellent. It was my first experience with a live webinar of this length and my expectations were exceeded."

Meryl R - CHERRY HILL, New Jersey

"I have followed Carol Westby since the early 1980's when I was a student in Graduate School! This was a magnificent presentation! Thank you!"

Deborah A - NEW CANAAN, Connecticut

"Dr. Westby did an excellent job of communicating how important play is to literacy and language development"

Heather J - EAGLE RIVER, Alaska

"Worthwhile course! We enjoyed it."

Deborah T - NORTHRIDGE, California

"Excellent presentation! Carol Westby is a superb presenter in every way. Thank you!"

Jessica G - Dorchester, Massachusetts

"I was very pleased with this webinar. I have taken webinars in the past where I was not able to see the instructor, making it difficult to pay attention. However, with this webinar it felt as if Carol Westby was in the room with us. I would definitely consider doing another webinar like this. "