Tara W - BOISE, Idaho

"This was one of the best presentations/workshops I have attended. I very much enjoyed Dr Sears presentation."

Terry D - HOMER GLEN, Illinois

"Great webinar! Dr. Sears is a great speaker!"

Jennifer S - SEVILLE, Ohio

"This was one of the best trainings I have attended."

Tania G - SILVER SPRING, Maryland

"Wonderful ; funny and useful"

Caroline G - QUINCY, Massachusetts

"Well organized course, helpful in my practice and population."

Kelly F - OWENSBORO, Kentucky

"dr. sears was a really great instructor who conveyed information I can utilize going forward very effectively. "

Pardeep N - SACRAMENTO, California

"really great experience. thanks to Dr. Richards i learned lot. increased my understand, love, compassion, mental health awareness and practice skills."

Lyndsay I - STAFFORD, Virginia

"Great course full of information and laughter to keep it interesting and applicable to clinical practice and life. "

Pefy C - TUCSON, Arizona

"Wonderful class!"

Kathryn P - MARSHALL, North Carolina

"Entertaining and informative course."