Jessica T - HENDERSON, Nevada

"Great course. Well organized and presented. I learned a great deal. Thank you!"

Ronda H - DES MOINES, Iowa

"None, I found the course very beneficial as an introduction to EMDR."

PAULA M - SANTA ANA, California

"This was an excellent/fantastic presentation! Jennifer was very clear, articulate and organized.very complimentary to my existing knowledge base."

Amy E - Milton, Florida

"Excellent presenter; great delivery; very knowledgeable"

Jane F - Edwardsville, Illinois

"Excellent presentation by Jennifer Sweeton. Will be extremely helpful in my practice. Would highly recommend this webinar."

Resa E - West Des Moines, Iowa

"Totally impressed. One of the best trainings I have attended. Thank you!"

Viorel I - Newnan, Georgia

"Thank you for a great and very useful course!"

Jennifer M - PLEASANTON, California

"excellent. very digestible and relevant to my work. "

Kelly S - TRINIDAD, Colorado

"Great Presentation! I learned a great deal and look forward to learning more! I will definitely take more seminars with Dr. Sweeton. "