Antonia F - Moraga, California

"I thought it was very helpful. I just have one suggestion. I noticed both Bessel and Peter used the term "seduce" in reference to helping people feel safe in their bodies. To me, seduce, or seduction is a potentially triggering word because it is most often used as a wrd that has to do with sex and convincing someone that they want to have sex. It seems as if there are so many other words to use instead of "seduce". Perhaps "welcome", "safely encourage", "titrate", "nudge"..."

Nadine M - Greenville, South Carolina

"Would have like a handout with pertinent info and references, etc. Otherwise great!"

Amanda H - Calgary, Alberta

"Very helpful"

Claudia C - Scottsdale, Arizona

"Thank you, great way to pick up a few more bits of wisdom to use in my practice."

Carly K - PEORIA, Arizona

"Hopefully there will be another one like this!"

Allison B - brunswick, Victoria

"I loved this webinar and I am so grateful that it was offered free of charge. Thank you. "

Nancy J

"Thanks to The Meadows for offering this excellent opportunity for us to learn from these experts."

Esther D - Goodyear, Arizona

"I enjoyed this presentation and appreciate the learnt skills. "

Muriel T - Tampico, Tamaulipas

"thank you for this wonderfull learning opportunity! it would be very interesting to have videoconference face to face with them for the questions and answers. "

Terry H - Atlanta, Georgia

"thank you very much for this course. It was great."