Telemental Health with Kids Toolbox

Keeping kids engaged in therapy comes with its own set of challenges – and doing it over a screen is no exception.

As clinicians increasingly make the switch to remote therapy, the need for kid-friendly telehealth interventions has become more crucial than ever. In Telemental Health with Kids Toolbox, Dr. Amy Marschall has created an arsenal of flexible, creative, and fun virtual interventions that will allow you to provide effective, evidence-based treatment while still capturing the attention of even the youngest of clients. Inside you’ll find over 100 ready-to-use telehealth games, exercises, and activities that offer the same therapeutic benefits as your in-person sessions. Each intervention includes suggested age ranges and step-by-step instructions, equipping you with the tools you need to effectively (and confidently!) provide treatment through a screen. You’ll also receive guidance on how to create your own kid-friendly, virtual intervention that are unique to your practice!

Designed to fit with any therapeutic orientation, this toolbox targets a variety of skills: