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Sexuality & Dementia: Compassionate and Practical Strategies for Dealing with Unexpected or Inappropriate Behaviors

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Douglas Wornell M.D.
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Dec 01, 2013
Demos Health Publishing
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The First Comprehensive Guide for Dealing with Dementia's Effect on Sex, Intimacy, and Relationships

It is common for a person with dementia to exhibit inappropriate and uncharacteristic sexual behavior, including promiscuity, verbal abuse, aggression, grabbing, exhibitionism, and jealous paranoia. This behavior puts a strain on spouses and partners, as well as other loved ones and caregivers. Now, for the first time, esteemed geriatric neuropsychiatrist, Douglas Wornell, MD, provides essential information and practical solutions to cope with these troubling and often embarrassing actions by providing:
  • Information on the contributing role of medication (and overmedication), both prescribed and over-the-counter
  • Ways to handle inappropriate behaviors that respect the person with dementia, their loved ones, and their caregivers
  • Recommendations to minimize the legal risk and potential for injury in long-term care facilities
  • Personal stories of the many ways couples have chosen to deal with the changes to their sexual dynamic and relationship



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Doug Wornell, MD, is a geriatric neuropsychiatrist who has participated in the treatment of over 20,000 dementia patients in the past ten years. He is the Medical Director of the Behavioral Wellness Center at Auburn Regional Medical Center and the Director of Wornell Psychiatry and Associates, a geriatric and neuropsychiatric consultative service through which he provides advice to 23 long-term care facilities. Brookdale Senior Living, one of the largest assisted-living dementia care organizations in the country, named him the Caregiver of the Year in 2010. Dr. Wornell is the author of Wandering Explorers: Practical Dementia for Families and Caregivers. He lives with his family in Tacoma, WA.


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