Amelia T - Cambridge, Maine

"Thank you so much for this program. It changed the way that I understand human beings, and myself. It was invaluable. "

Monica B - Hindhead, Surrey

"An excellent CPD. Easy to listen to, theory presented in an interesting and informative way. Lots to apply to my practice and has greatly inspired my clinical work."

Sarah T - Ipswich, Suffolk

"Absolutely brilliant, thank you"

Alan L - Ithaca, New York

"Outstanding program in every way - thank you Dr Porges and PESI"


"This was an excellent course. I found it extremely stimulating and professionally and personally helpful. Many thanks."

Annelie F - Essen, NRW

"Great Course and great presenter"

Karen G - CARY, Illinois

"Thanks - the captions were excellent!"

SHAWN C - Scottsdale, Arizona

"Some of handouts were not in sequence to the presentation and it was hard to find the correct slide during the presentation. It was an excellent presentation."

Tawna S - Duluth, Minnesota

"Excellent training! My only criticism is that it would have been nice to have a copy of the slides during the training, so I could have taken notes next to the slides. He was very thorough, organized, and a great presenter! I definitely want to take more courses by him!"

Barbara L - Portland, Oregon

"It was such an honor to hear a live presentation by a scientist who has had such an important influence on our understanding human functioning and what is effective in therapy."