Catherine K - Youngstown, Ohio

"I love Motivational Interviewing :)"

Kerri K - SALEM, Oregon

"Relevant, highly useful course; Dr. Rollnick was an excellent speaker who is clearly knowledgable and very effective in his approach. I feel I can incorporate information given here as early as next week."

Mysia P - Cumming, Georgia

"This course was extremely valuable. The only problem I had with it was that the slides did not automatically advance, and there was nothing telling the viewer that it would be time to advance the slide."

Susan J - ATLANTIC, Iowa

"I enjoyed the course and feel it will be quite helpful to my job."



Howard K G - Goleta, California

"Nicely done!"

Megan E - Rancho Cordova, California

"This was one of the best CEUs I've done in a while. I appreciate the content and Dr. Rollnick's engaging presentation style."

Amy D - PRINCETON, New Jersey

"Thank you"

Amanda M - Montclair, New Jersey

"Steve Rollick did an outstanding job and kept my attention, even remotely, throughout with great clinical examples and genuine nature."

Lakeiya C - Laurel, Maryland

"The seminar was great! It was very well paced and concrete. The material/resources was very informative. I certainly learned a great deal about MI. I will definitely participate in another seminar in the future. "