Sharon P - London

"this has enhanced my learning and is very relevant to my role. great ideas to think about and plan to put into practise."

Sharie B - AUBURN, Washington

"I feel really inspired to continue my work of teaching adults improvisational play forms and using it as part of my counseling practice. More examples of how to introduce play in sessions and how it has been helpful for people would be helpful. At times it felt like too much detail and I needed t"

Grace P

"I learned a lot from this seminar and enjoyed hearing Daniel share his knowledge."

Deanette C - Spokane, Washington

"Excellent want to learn more!"

Emily D - VANCOUVER, Washington

"This was an excellent training that all child and family therapists should take. "

Maggie R - Seattle, Washington

"This was a very informative training. I would encourage all of my colleagues to attend a seminar by Dan Siegel. "

Althea C - Kent, Washington

"This program is more amazing that I had anticipated before staring this workshop. I am deeply moved and amazed by the depth of knowledge possessed by this speaker, and his sense of humor is greatly appreciated. The amount of knowledge and information provided in this workshop is so helpful that I ca"

Loree S - PORTLAND, Oregon

"I am an art therapist and this workshop supports me experiences using art with with groups of adult patients experiencing emotional crisis. Over time I have found the experience of making art to be the most valuable part of the therapy. Patients use words like "freeing, calming, fun, engaging" to "

Phyllis D

"I find myself pulled toward hearing about the recent brain and mind research. It's fascinating!"