Christina P - FINLEYVILLE, Pennsylvania

"Allen did a great job. It was refreshing to hear from an attorney's perspective. I highly recommend this course. "

Cheri C - East Bangor, Pennsylvania

"Dr. Tepper was very knowledgeable and informative. He is a great presenter and I learned a lot. "

Frida R - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

"The presenter spoke clearly and was expert in his field"

Glenn U - West Chester, Pennsylvania

"Great job as always Allan!"

Carolyn V - Hickory, Pennsylvania

"Presenter was extremely knowledgeable and offered excellent info in this course!"

Lisa F - Susquehanna, Pennsylvania

"The presenter was extremely knowledgeable. I plan on attending another one of his seminars in the future."

Jennifer H - Great Bend, Pennsylvania

"excellent communicator "

Lyn H - COLLEGEVILLE, Pennsylvania

"Very engaging, personable and knowledgeable presenter. Would have liked to have some slides to summarize key points for primary topics."

James W - WERNERSVILLE, Pennsylvania

"good presentation"

Judith F - DOWNINGTOWN, Pennsylvania

"Helpful in many ways, and therapeutic. Especially helpful for distance therapy"