Katrine H - Rutland, Vermont

"Very good speaker and great information "

Tresa K - SUN CITY WEST, Arizona

"Couldn't have a more qualified, knowledgeable presenter! He is at the forefront of developing the ethical answers to the questions the internet and online counseling, noting have raised! Thank You! "

Joanne J - BELLEVUE, Washington

"This was an excellent training done by a very informed trainer! He did a great job!"

Sabrina R - Fort McMurray, Alberta

"This workshop more then met my expectations and made me aware of issues I didn't know existed with the use of technology. The presenter was very knowledgeable, the format was engaging, and the use of questions helped illustrate the points. Fabulous course, I would highly recommend it."

Sarah B - WASHINGTON, District of Columbia

"Most informative and useful seminar I've participated in regarding ethics. Very relevant and digestible."

Helen C - PASADENA, California

"Seminar was informative and highly relevant"

Rebecca R - SEATTLE, Washington

"This was wonderful. Love Frederic Reamer and this is such an important topic. "

Sandy B - ANCHORAGE, Alaska

"Great workshop"