Alice F - SAN DIEGO, California

"Fantastic presenter! I got a lot out of the seminar."

Tracy D - ASHVILLE, Pennsylvania

"A lot of information in three hours, but very informative! Loved it. Thank you."

Gregory S - Leechburg, Pennsylvania

"This was one of the best presentations on basic neuroscience I have seen"

Elsa G - HACIENDA HEIGHTS, California

"Loved it!"

Monique T - HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania

"Great training event. Enjoy the webcast option."

Annette M - Ojai, California

"Great understanding of neurobiology"

Nicki B - MARINA DEL REY, California

"Brilliant Speaker! I will look for more opportunities to see him lecture."

Susan W - RICHMOND, Virginia

"Very clear, informative, and fascinating presentation. Thank you, Dr. Sapolsky!"

Constance R - BENTONVILLE, Virginia

"I love Dr. Sapolsky! I've read most of his work, and use his material both in teaching and in my private practice. He is able to relate very complicated findings in a very effective and usable way. "

Honey S - HIGHLAND PARK, New Jersey

"Very engaging presenter"