SHIRLEY G - Bullhead City, Arizona

"This was a great course. Thank you!"

Caroline G - Taneytown, Maryland

"Presenter was knowledgeable and entertaining!"

Rebecca S - San Antonio, Texas

"Excellent Course! Really learned a lot and look forward to applying these principles to my treatment sessions!"

Bonnie O - Huntington, New York

"I took this course as a webcast. Presenter answered questions that were sent in as well as those by people present at the course. Did not digress alot and stuck to the schedule times. Very easy and enjoyable process."

Jessica H - Perryville, Missouri

"Excellent course!"

Julie R - LYNCHBURG, Virginia

"Unfortunately online participants missed out on several videos and pictures because the camera stayed on the presenter instead of panning to the overhead screen that she was referring to."

Maureen H - ROCHESTER, New York

"Karen was very knowledgable and applied information. If the slides had been updated in the beginning that would have been more helpful. Also more, videos are always appreciated. "

Hollie G - NORTH BERGEN, New Jersey

"there lacked a sense of flow or heading to organize the info. a lot of repetition- verbal description but hard to imagine what to do IRL. it felt that there were immediate responses to tx, not clear on process and duration"

Julie B - NORTH FORT MYERS, Florida

"Second time I attend a course on neuro-plasticity with Dr. Pryor - I'm never disappointed!"

Mary H - York, Pennsylvania

"Enjoyed the course"