Rosalyn N - boca raton, Florida

"Excellent course"

Catherine Q - CINCINNATI, Ohio

"Excellent! Thank you"

Joyce B - ARLINGTON, Texas

"Excellent presentation"

Ursula S - BELLINGHAM, Massachusetts

"Absolutely amazing, life-changing (and practice-changing) training!!"

Peggy-Sue F - Milford, Connecticut

"Can't wait to include my new awareness of the importance of addressing both grandiosity and shame, not just shame. Terry did an amazing job modeling how one might do this!"

Mark S - SYRACUSE, New York

"Very Very worthwhile!!"

Linda A - Westmont, Illinois

"Loved it! "

Arlene N - ALBANY, California

"excellent seminar. Learned a lot"

David C - Seattle, Washington

"Exceptional presentation"

Deb H - Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

"Best therapeutic approach I have ever seen! Terry Real is amazing!! I'm so grateful he overcame his family's legacy of dysfunction to do this work. It has been life transforming already. God bless him!"