Andrea R - WOODBRIDGE, Connecticut

"Excellent presenter!"

Linda K - Independence, Missouri

"enjoyed the questions and answers"

Jeanie S - HOUSTON, Texas

"I love Dr. Schwartz. I would have enjoyed some visuals."

Jenny R - Malpas, Cheshire

"Fantastic training I want to integrate this into my practice and understanding of defences."

Mae W - CHELSEA, Alabama

"Excellent presentation and material."

Kristena J - CLINTON, Maryland

"Great knowledge of material. Awesome experience!"

SUSAN O - BERKELEY, California

"This was a fascinating, thought provoking and helpful seminar. I am a tech moron and I had no trouble viewing it online. Thanks so much."

Randy C - PETALUMA, California

"Tech support was very helpful"

Lynne R - LOS ANGELES, California

"Great presentation. I would like to view other trainings by Richard Schwartz."

Christine F - Aptos, California

"A very positive experience of the seminar and my interaction with PESI/"