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"Excellent presentation rich with information and full of heart ! "

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"thank you- very helpful! i especially liked the ending words of wisdom to therapists."

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"Wonderful, wonderful beneficial for me personally and professionally! Thank you! "

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"The presenter kept me engaged and provided direct useful information. "

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"This was an excellent presentation & Ms Ferentz (the instructor) did an amazing job conveying her information. The course content was extremely interesting & thought provoking; I plan to utilize some of her methods. It really was that good!! Best I've seen so far, in regard to online seminars. "

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"Very informative, thank you for this presentation."

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"Fantastic training--helpful and applicable to therapists as well as clients"

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"I look forward to reading her book. This opened up a continued learning of the benefits of journaling. Thank you."

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"Very insightful and rich content filled with useful therapeutic tools, presented in a clear and organized way--loved it!"