Beda Hilarion M - SPRING VALLEY, California

"presenter has very insightful experience & expertise of field"

Allyson C - Meridian, Mississippi

"Great. I really enjoyed his presentation."

Kristen K - CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia

"Excellent presentation! I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. "

Mark H - River Falls, Wisconsin

"awesome speaker"

Leigh F - wake forest, North Carolina

"Thank you for a great training. Wish I could have attended in person. Look forward to reading some of your books and learning more! "

Jacqui C - ORANGE, California

"one of the best trainings I've received. thank you."

Lisa R - Oceanside, California

"Excellent speaker."

Edward A - COSTA MESA, California

"Excellent presentation"

Emily G - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"Having a question answered, before it is asked, is always a good sign. This happened a few times today... Loved presenter's humor and insight and comfort with an uncomfortable subject. Inspired further reading on my part. Volume was low."

Pamela M - Madison, Wisconsin

"I had attended many of these and this was the best one I have ever attended"