Dennis P - COPLEY, Ohio

"Very useful and therapeutic information!"

Cynthia A - PROVO, Utah

"Wonderful presenter and wonderful subject matter. Thanks for offering this course."

Eve G - Milligan College, Tennessee

"Jamie Marich presents with beautiful flow, both with her body and in her verbal presentation. She has obvious expertise in material presented, as well as with her ability to deliver the spirit of the information as well as the information itself."

Johanna H

"I loved that the presenter did not use a power point during her presentation, but still made all her information available in the handouts. She was very engaging and knowledgeable. I enjoyed being able to practice the various mindfulness exercises throughout the seminar; and I appreciated having links to Jamie Marich's website to review these exercises. Very good workshop--thank you!"

Kassandra W - Athens, Ohio

"a very good seminar"

Mae W - CHELSEA, Alabama

"great presentation and presenter"