Jill T - Stewartville, Minnesota

"Excellent presentation and information. I especially appreciated the presenter's actual examples given to clarify and reinforce the information that he was presenting. There were so many additional notes that I made on the handouts that it took longer than the 6.25 hours to complete this course. This information will be useful to me, family members and friends as we travel through our later years. Thank you for having these quality programs for us."

Thomas C - La Quinta, California

"Excellent innovative use of split screens =presenter/slides. The virtual participants have 100% access to that of the actual audience. PLEASE PLEASE place all future live webinars/recorded/DVDs in this format!!!!!"

Tasleem V - Tampa, Florida

"Excellent course, presenter was very knowledgeable and engaging! Appreciated research studies and client examples! Will take what I learned today to clinical practice tomorrow! Thank you!"


"The presenter kept me engaged which could have been difficult considering the course ended up being virtual. "

Krystle W - Burleson, Texas

"Great class. Thank you. "

Jacelyn J - North Port, Florida

"Great course. The presenter was very informative, and was not boring at all. I was able to pay attention the whole time. This course hits very close to home with my Family. I will be taking more courses presented by him in the future. Enjoyed it!"

SALLY J - Jackson, Ohio

"excellent course."

Jocelyn J - Worcester, Massachusetts

"Very engaging teacher!"

Jaclyn K - Huntley, Illinois

"Really enjoyed seminar and presenter! "

Tami B - KANSAS CITY, Missouri

"Took this course for personal more than professional reasons as my father has been diagnosed with dementia. This information will be very helpful in my families journey. Thank you!!"