Heather D - BOISE, Idaho

"Very knowledgeable presenter who took some complex material and was able to make it not only understandable but applicable. Outstanding course"

Angela C - Santa Clara, California

"Excellent course!!!!"

Fiona G - London, England

"Just watched this three times! So informative and interesting. It's weighty stuff, but Dan makes it accessible. "

Marie R - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Excellent content!"

Kristi V - RICHMOND, Virginia

"Dan Siegel has a great mind. The workshop was thought provoking and helpful."

Dorothy M - FOREST HILLS, New York

"Dan Siegel is an excellent presenter and I am motivated to read/attend more on his thinking. Very relevant to my psychotherapy practice- refreshing, creative, original and very humane."

Beth R - POQUOSON, Virginia

"very informative!"

Constance T - Rancho Santa Margarita, California

"It was a very informative, enjoyable and inspirational workshop!"

Judith C - EAGLE CREEK, Oregon

"This was a wonderful presentation!"

Sam M - Madison, Wisconsin

"I learned more that I expected. Very satisfied with the workshop."