Heidi M - Benicia, California

"I really appreciated how Dr. Gibbs presented her seminar. I've been on hours of webinars lately and what Dr. Gibbs did differently and positively from others, she put her slides up and she had her face visible thoroughout the seminar. This way is felt like she was talking with you, interacting with you instead of a voice somewhere in the distance. I even watched this after it was recorded and still felt like Dr. Gibbs was present. "

Nohemi M - Greenacres, Florida

"Great webinar."

Laronya T - Taylorsville, North Carolina

"great training!"

Martin S

"very informative and interesting "

Mara E - Fort Worth, Texas

"Thanks for a great class!"

Susan M - Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for the handout for the references and to be able to go back through everything. Lots of great information and refreshers. "

Charissa D. P - Jersey City, New Jersey

"This was an excellent webinar! I learned a lot and it was extremely aplicable to the current crisis."

Jamie B - Oak Lawn, Illinois

"Great information! Thank you!"

Sarah C - Mosta, Mosta

"Thank you very much for this opportunity! "

Melonie S - CERES, California

"I would definitely love to see this presenter again. I learned so much in a short time. "