"I liked the training and will use it with my clients. "

Juwairiah A - Raleigh, North Carolina


Mary V - NEWARK, Delaware

"Thanks for a user friendly set of techniques! Highly recommended!"

Jeannette B - Catonsville, Maryland

"Excellent program, I'm glad to have learned so much. I was also impressed with the complex use of technology. I would have liked to hear the data and science first (why should I pay attention, so to speak), and then how to introduce it to patients, followed by the techniques. It jumped around quite a bit so I will have to re-organize my notes. "

Sherrie K - Cincinnati, Ohio

"Great presentation!"

Deborah S - Staten Island, New York

"Amazing and very useful for my practice!!"

CINDY K - Fairfield, Connecticut

"Great course, Robin was very knowledgeable"

Debra T - HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania

"Great seminar--learned more than expected"

Olusola T - Centereach, New York

"Excellent Training"

Kyle R - Franklin, Tennessee

"Great job!"