Abraham E - ALLENDALE, Michigan

"excellent presentation"

Jodi G - BILLINGS, Montana

"honestly, this is the best training I've taken in years"

Jim R - FOUNTAIN, Colorado

"thanks for letting veterans attend these for free!"

Donna G - Columbia, South Carolina

"Great Training and Great Trainer"

Robin T - RED BLUFF, California

"I thought this was very well done and extremely timely as well as kept me interested - meaning I didn't want to miss anything. Great job."

Scott D - RENO, Nevada

"Its annoying how many questions you ask. "


"Thank you so much! I learned a great deal today. I was initially fearful of hearing horror stories and not being able to sleep as i have children and grandchildren but it ended up being so insightful and educational that I am now more equipped to prevent teach and help others. It was worth facing my fears today. "

Christine W - COLVILLE, Washington

"We didn't need 15 minutes per case study. That seemed awfully long to figure out the needs."

Susan R - RANCHO CUCAMONGA, California


Clairressa G - MEMPHIS, Tennessee

"Very interesting presentation. Learned a lot. Quiz was too long and the multiple choice items are written in a font that this too light making them are to see, please make them darker"