Barbara L - Portland, Oregon

"It was such an honor to hear a live presentation by a scientist who has had such an important influence on our understanding human functioning and what is effective in therapy."

Doug O - Troy, Idaho

"Fantastic webinar! Would love to see more from Dr. Porges!"

Jerald G - SAVANNAH, Georgia

"spectacular....enlightening....brilliant...stirred multiple creative, informed connections, explanations, and new treatment possibilities"

Harriet L - RIVER VALE, New Jersey

"It was my first live webcast and exceeded my expectations."

Patrick H - ERIE, Pennsylvania

"Excellent and informative presenter and program"

JODY A - Indiana, Pennsylvania

"The person I spoke with via phone, that helped me pre-register for the course, was very helpful and pleasant to talk with!"

Gerard H - LUTHERVILLE, Maryland

"An excellent course. Well presented with technology that supported learning. Slides were accessable which I appreciated since I have very low vision. Registration on line is easy."

Diane R - FREMONT, New Hampshire

"Very well presented and informative."

Kerrin V - Tewantin, Queensland

"I have enjoyed this way of learning"

Martha O - WASHINGTON, District of Columbia

"Thank you to PESi for letting us do this webinar online and a chance to hear Dr. Porges. "