Rachel R - Concrete, Washington

"Thank you for the ideas and examples for introducing play to traumatized clients. It was very helpful!"

Shari R - New Milford, New Jersey

"Great program. As a play therapist, I love how Play Therapy was incorporated into programming at length."

Cristina G - MARYVILLE, Tennessee

"Loved it!"

Dorothy U - Bradford, Vermont

"excellent webinar, but I was unable to see the screen when she presented examples or videos."

Kathy K - BROOKLYN, New York

"An excellent seminar!!"

Adrienne T - Houston, Texas

"This was a very informative training!"

Jaime G - Rochester, Minnesota

"Great presentation!!"

Amanda F - Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey

"Useful information presented in an easy format. Practical to my everyday work with children"

Sarah J - Caldwell, Idaho

"The presenter was obviously very knowledgeable and helpful. "

Katie O - NORTHGLENN, Colorado

"My only concern was that you couldn't hear the questions of people physically at the course, which made it a bit challenging. "