Nicola K - NORTHFIELD, Minnesota

"Excellent program. The presenters were great."

Jeanne J - SUNNYVALE, California

"Wonderful training and presenters!"

Darcy L - SARASOTA, Florida

"I am so appreciative to Drs. Danforth and Carney! What a fabulous program! The whole thing was SO informative and those beautiful, intelligent women simply rock! Truly - thank you!"

Constance R - ANCHORAGE, Alaska

"Learned a geat deal."

Sandra E - BERTHOUD, Colorado

"Excellent seminar"

Annie M - PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania

"Presenters were knowledgeable and entertaining. What I liked most about this seminar, apart from learning about the things I needed to learn about, was both presenters' obvious passion for the material. This could have been a grueling course to sit through at my desk (taking online), but it really wasn't. It's such a joy to see people teaching and talking about what they love! It makes the content infinitely more interesting. Thank you!"

William M - ATHENS, Texas

"Excellent presentation"

Matthew B - Lancaster, New York

"The presenters did a wonderful job. They appeared knowledgeable but not scripted. "

Jana D - TEMPLE, Texas

"Excellent seminar! Thank you Meg, and Colleen!"

Jody L - BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma

"Excellent course. Professional delivery, interesting throughout, training and handouts provided meet needs of clinical setting in which they will be implemented."