Lynn P - Sahuarita, Arizona

"such an amazing training and one that I recommend to all clinicians!!!"

Lorna K - Hexham, Northumberland

"Very satisfied, thank you"

Alaine L - Cottage Grove, Minnesota

"Loved Dr Lester's presentation and use of humor. "

Michele G - Roanoke, Virginia

"Excellent presentation and great information to use in practice. "

Crystal S - WEST JORDAN, Utah

"So valuable. Loved how the instructor repeated important concepts throughout the training to ingrain the concepts in the mind of those taking the course."

Genevieve W - RYe, New York

"What a great training! I learned a great deal and found Dr. Lester to be so easy to follow and understand. Wow!"

Janice A - Grande Prairie, Alberta

"M4. Lester is a fountain of knowledge! Thank you for your great stories ,humour and knowledge."

Kerry E - Annapolis, Maryland

"Easy to understand and at the same time unbelievably advanced and effective treatment suggestions."

Susan R - Westminster, Maryland

"One of the, if not the best trainings I have ever attended in my career of 20+yrs. Dr. Lester's presentation style made the learning so interesting, straightforward and easily absorbed. His sense of humor is extremely entertaining. Obviously knowledgeable. Humble and kind. "

Michele R - Ellicott City, Maryland

"Amazing! So hoping Dr. Lester continues to offer future PESI lectures. Best PESI lecturer I have ever had. His compassion was palpable. I LOVED HIS HUMILITY!!!"