Edna Lea C - Little Rock, Arkansas

"Overall very satisfied. I am looking forward to creating my own program with the info learned here. "

Jasmine C - Tempe, Arizona

"Excellent material and presentation of material. Thank you so much, the best training I have received so far in my professional career, truly thank you!"

Leanne H - Garden Grove, California

"thank you! so helpful"

veera balaji kumar v - Madurai, Tamilnadu

"The presenter Mr.Lane Pederson has a unique style of teaching the DBT concepts with appropriate examples and metaphors with a humor"

Tammy F - SAN DIEGO, California

"Really exceeded expectations! Great presenter and the content was comprehensive."

Joanne T - Nashua, New Hampshire

"This course exceeded my expectations! I am looking forward to continuing to use what I learned with both patients and my team!"

Ashley R - Clermont, Florida

"Great course"

Melissa M - Cape Town, Western Cape

"Great workshop, thank you very much."

Nonhlonipho B - Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal

"I thoroughly enjoyed the program. It was effective, in depth and informative. It allowed me to reflect on my current practices as a psychologist and evaluate how I can make effective changes in my practice. The beauty of this seminar was that I did not only grow professionally but I also grew personally, because I made it a point to also integrate these skills to in to my own life."

Robin O - MILL VALLEY, California

"Excellent response by email staff!"