THOMAS M - Charlottesville, Virginia

"Mr. Fralich was just such a joy. I'm only sorry that I couldn't be there in person. I will consider attending his 5 day meditation retreat or other seminars with him."


"Excellent presentation."

Ellen S - NASSAWADOX, Virginia

"I love the way Terry taught, integrating so much critical material into the presentation. I wish I'd had this training years ago. Nothing else would be needed."

Jessica M - Auburndale, Massachusetts

"One of the best trainings I have had! "

Jean E - Jacksonville, Florida

"Terry Fralich was an incredible presenter! He was warm, engaging, and exhibited a thorough understanding of Mindfulness. His delivery of the material was very thought out and easily adapted to multiple forms of practice - private, community, etc. "

Susan J - WASHINGTON, Pennsylvania

"Very useful information"

Rowena G - LONG BEACH, California

"Training was great!.. learned a lot; very helpful. Really enjoyed it! Thank you. :)"