Karen T - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"Very impressed that she did not just read the slides and actually expounded extensively"

Judith M - MARIETTA, Pennsylvania

"Good current information"

Jacqueline P - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The the powerpoint could have been more clearly organized. The quiz also asked extremely specific questions rather than focusing on practical application of the material. Many of the questions seemed like trick questions and didn't reflect the aspects of the course that were most relevant to practical application of the material."

Beverly P - Duluth, Georgia

"very informative course!"

Karina M - Palmview, Texas

"Great presenter!! Loved her explanations and examples. "

Susan J - West Valley, New York

"Angela was an amazing presenter and I would love to take more of her course. I learned SO MUCH!"

Mary M - BURKEVILLE, Virginia

"I appreciate being able to take this course online at my convenience."

Jennifer T - OAKLAND, California

"Outstanding course that was packed to the brim with useful information. Would highly recommend"

Juliann S - MEDINA, Ohio

"I enjoyed the presentation of the information and was engaged throughout the course."

Dianca E - HUNTERSVILLE, North Carolina

"The Presenter was great. She was extremely knowledgeable about the topic and I feel that the information is exactly what I needed. I am so happy to hear from a hospital clinician that knows the research and follows it in practice. "