Susan S - East Calais, Vermont

"Really excellent workshop!"

Ashlee K - BERKLEY, Michigan

"Very engaging course! Thanks!"

Lea R - Brainbridge, New York


Ann D - Ridgefield, Connecticut

"A wonderful training. Thanks. Enjoyed the breaks with others too."

Kristie Z - East Aurora, New York

"Very useful information!!"

Nikki T - Missoula, Montana

"Very happy with the material and the presenter. I am looking forward to using EFT and learning even more about it. Thanks!"

My N - HOUSTON, Texas

"Very informative and organized"

Debra B - FEURA BUSH, New York

"Great course. Great instructor"

Karen D - HEMPSTEAD, New York

"Excellent training. I would take her training again. very Engaging."

Lauren M - Scottsdale, Arizona

"Great CE- thank you!"