Marc B - Clarks Green, Pennsylvania

"Would love to take a live course with these instructors."

Maureen M - Baroda, Michigan

"Loved the course and presenters Kind, funny, informative, responsive"

Mary M - STATEN ISLAND, New York


Amy P - Roanoke, Virginia

"I didn't think I'd like this format, but in fact, it was great. I learned so much and without being in the room, there was actually a lot less distraction and I feel I learned more. It was also more comfortable."

Marilyn Brine G - HOLLISTON, Massachusetts

"It is difficult to find seminars with new ideas and concepts for experiental use after 50 years of practice but this program did just that. I have passed on my impressive feedback on the course to colleagues. Thank you for offering this!"


"Excellent Instructors! Learned a lot and enjoyed the group discussion and participation as well as hypnosis demonstrations and content!"