Laura T - Stony Brook, New York

"This was one of the best workshops on trauma and trauma treatment I've ever attended."

Monica C

"Very impressive seminar, excellent information very relevant to our practice. I will absolutely be using a lot of his research with my trauma clients. Thank you."

Melinda W - WINTER PARK, Florida

"Excellent. Excellent. Excellent."

Susan R - Baldwinsville, New York

"Excellent presentation. I really enjoyed Dr. Van der Kolk and his wonderful sense of humor and vunerability."

Kristin T - SEATTLE, Washington

"Everyone should watch this lecture! So important for understanding trauma"


"I learned a very good amount of new information that I can add to my practice."

Paula P - REDMOND, Oregon

"This was a wonderful, interesting training. I will most definitely find another one in the future to take. "

PAMELA W - SEATTLE, Washington

"Wow, this was life-changing, really filled in gaps in my knowledge and solidified the direction I want to take as a therapist. Thank you!!!"

Susan D - LEAVENWORTH, Washington

"First Webinar - totally happy with it and will do more of these in the future. Excellent for us that live in rural areas."

Charles B. S - MANCHESTER, Washington

"Superb Course."