Janice A - Grande Prairie, Alberta

"Thank you Jennifer, you have a friendly, enthusiastic way of presenting and that is refreshing!"

Ana Lorena R - Calle Blancos, San José

"Very useful information"

Karsten P - ASHLAND, Oregon

"I am a mental health therapist, working with middle schoolers. I have had TF CBT training and done other trauma training but this coarse added greater detail and targeted strategies then I have had in the past. I learned a great deal more then expected. Thanks! "

Allison F - Cumberland

"This was great! I loved it"

Roxanne E - Anderson, South Carolina

"Excellent seminar"

Jada M - Quincy, Florida

"This course was very satisfying!"

Kerstin W - OMAHA, Nebraska

"Loved her knowledge and the flexability of the techniques she shared!"

Louisa F - DAYTON, Ohio

"Dr Jen was amazing. She's an engaging presenter who utilized a lot of real life scenarios that made the material more engaging. I also appreciated how she took the time to answer participant questions."

Nathalie R - Spanaway, Washington

"Excellent presentation and delivery of information!"

Stacy A - COSTA MESA, California

"Great presenter, great energy, and personable "