Varinia P - SAN DIEGO, California

"Excellent seminar!"

Gloria B - APPLETON, Wisconsin

"Very much appreciation goes to Mr. David Kessler! Well done and it will be easy for me to apply these concepts to all kinds of clients!"

John B - Glendale Springs, North Carolina

"Very helpful information and am looking forward to implementing much of the information into my sessions with clients experiencing grief/loss."

Sofia M - SUSSEX, Wisconsin

"Amazing delivery of material!"

Nancy G - SALEM, Oregon

"WOW! Excellent presenter!"

Elizabeth S - UPPER DARBY, Pennsylvania

"I learned so much--this is the second training i've taken with David K....always find his trainings very practical and engaging. Thank you!"

Dave W - Lynchburg, Virginia

"DK knows his stuff. Sharing about the death of his son was most fitting, and I'll probably get his book as he will tell more about that loss and how he has/is handling it."

Gary H - LONG BEACH, Mississippi

"Very well presented and kept interesting by the stories and examples giving to explain the points. "

Laurie F - EL CAJON, California

"This was an excellent presentation. "

Josee D - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"David Kessler did a fantastic job! This webinar is by far one of the best I've ever viewed in 16 years! "