Lana L - ESPANOLA, New Mexico

"Excellent program"

Thedra M - ALCALDE, New Mexico

"enjoyed the content very much. thank you"

Ruth O - ESPANOLA, New Mexico

"I learned more at this training than I have at the last 10 trainings I attended. Thanks"

Chelsea B - LOUDON, New Hampshire

"Brilliant presenter"

Abria V - Alexander, Arkansas

"Loved it."

Travis A - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Excellent course and presenter, overall. The organization could have been better, but I realize this won't change with Daniel Siegel."

Mikra I

"Loved all the content, and Dr. Siegel explains very complex ideas in an approachable manner. I would have liked more case examples to bring the concepts to life. "

Nancy P - LAGUNA NIGUEL, California

"Dan Siegel is fun!"

Yvonne P - Medford, Massachusetts

"Great course! Right up my alley!"

Susan R - SICKLERVILLE, New Jersey

"interesting thank you"