Richard O - SANTA ROSA, California

"Excellent and refreshing of a repeated course."

Ingrid M - COEUR D ALENE, Idaho

"Ethics is a difficult challenge to speak about. Mr. Barsky did a really good job."

Deborah M - BELLEVUE, Washington

"I have no criticism. This was once again, an excellent PESI seminar."

Heidi F - MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin

"thank you!"

John S - BOISE, Idaho

"The part on conflict resolution was really interesting and helpful."

Michele F - DREXEL HILL, Pennsylvania

"Ethics isn't something I look forward to but it's a training I require every other year. This was by far the most interesting!"

Jessica F - Portland

"I thought the program was good. It was interesting for an ethics training. The case studies helped to explain the concepts. I learned about some technology issues as well."

Bonnie R - ALEXANDRIA, Virginia

"Very detail-oriented and informative course."

Sharon P - LAGUNA NIGUEL, California

"Speaker was well educated on the topic and promoted interesting converations."

Janelle H - SAINT CLOUD, Minnesota

"Excellent Presenter and timely information"