"Learned new information!"

SM P - EVANSTON, Wyoming

"I liked how she repeated what others said for those on webinar; she integrated (and encouraged) questions as she went along, giving people guidelines about questions, and had good finish-line focus. The part about addictions and obesity were inadequate and best left out than to give such superficia"

Pamela V - SANTA MONICA, California

"more information than I ever expected! Fabulous! "

Sharde M - Washington, District of Columbia

"loved it!"

Lisa B - Lexington, South Carolina

"very informational"

Jen V - SANDY, Utah

"Great topic, PESI should consider offering more in this line of courses."

Jean P - GREENVILLE, South Carolina

"Excellent program and presentation"

charlene s - FORSYTH, Illinois

"I very much enjoyed listening to the speaker I would like to see another seminar about these subjects in more detail."