Melissa S - FAIRFAX, Virginia

"The training was excellent. The quiz at the end was frustratingly repetitive. "

Nanette G - LINCOLN, Nebraska

"Great examples, practical"

Patricia F - KERRVILLE, Texas

"Wonderful presenter."

Mandy L - TUSCOLA, Texas

"I really enjoyed this training. It was easy to follow and I loved Dr. Jennifer's energy!"

Corina R - Leesburg, Virginia

"Thank you! Wish we could have had more time to talk about strategies and cases. So much to talk about, and so little time."

Denise M - DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Maryland

"This was a great course. I gained valuable insight into the brain, attachment therapy and the utilization of play therapy. The course was easy to understand and the presenter was clear and very knowledgeable. I truly understand trauma better."

Baron R - COLUMBIA, Maryland

"Excellent class materials, and very thorough. I learned a lot taking this course, and feel happy with the information I gained."