Kathleen M - MENASHA, Wisconsin

"Thank you Dan, your presentation was well worth the time. I appreciate your presentation style and thank you for sharing some of your personal experiences. I respect what you do and would attend another of your presentations. Thank you again."

Victoria A - LEICESTER, North Carolina

"The Wheel being a circle creates a vibration of ourselves always coming back to ourselves again and again...definitely not weird that the results are a spiritual experience. Awesome!"

Sue M - APPLETON, Wisconsin

"Thank you! I absolutely loved the blending of scientifically supported psychological findings, quantum physics, and direct experience. Fabulous! I will be practicing the Wheel of Awareness and passing it along."

Meghan K - CHICAGO, Illinois

"I was very impressed by Dr. Siegel's presentation. I see direct applicability to my clinical work, and I am excited to apply what I learned today in my practice!"

Marilyn R - Chicago, Illinois

"One of the best I've ever been to"

Deborah K - CHICAGO, Illinois

"Thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Siegel, I will look for more opportunities to learn from him."

Wilbur L W - Warriors Mark

"Dr. Seigel is a wonderful speaker. He is fluid and brings presence to his presentation...and he doesn't say "uh...""

Carolyn H - KALAMAZOO, Michigan

"amazing presenter, fearless, leading edge. very very helpful"


"The information I received today greatly exceeded my expectations."

Karen C - SAINT LOUIS, Missouri

"Dr. Siegel was one of the most enjoyable and informative speakers I have heard in a very long time!"