Adrienne L - WEST NEWBURY, Massachusetts

"Lynn Lyons' approach to teaching this material and tx modality was wonderful. Her level of expertise, and case examples, along with her dynamic and energetic style of presenting, kept me interested and looking forward to learning more. "

Karen W - TEHACHAPI, California

"Excellent course -- enjoyable and informative."

Allison Z - Denver, Colorado

"Awesome webinar!!!"

Rashedah T - Worcester, Massachusetts

"Excellent presentation. Very relevant to my practice."

Jennifer C - WAXHAW, North Carolina

"She was amazing - so engaging and I really enjoyed learning from her. So very helpful!"


"This online course was phenomenal. I very much enjoyed Lynn's wealth of information and her generosity in sharing with others strategies that have been proven to work in real life situations. "

Vanessa P - BRYN MAWR, Pennsylvania

"Great seminar!"

amy g - NOVATO, California

"This is hands down the BEST seminar I have purchased online. The information was organized and clear. The presenter was knowledgeable and funny (hallelujah). I looked forward to watching this after work the same as I would a Netflix series. I am already putting principles to work in my private practice. Whatever you paid Lynn Lyons - you owe her MORE!;) "

Femeke B - Seattle, Washington

"Thank you so much, Lynn! This training has been an eye-opener for me professionally and also personally with an anxious daughter. "

Melissa E - TEMECULA, California

"Excellent training! I was very pleased and I am excited to continue learning more from this presenter. "