Cheryl P - Sonora, California

"Very knowledgeable, presented info well, kept my attention "

Shelly W - DALLAS, Texas

"Great course! Thanks!"

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"enjoyed David presentation very much, he is an engaging and informative speaker"

Dana E - Sterling, Illinois

"The presenter was articulate, entertaining, and informative. 5 stars!"

Madeline V - WILLIAMSBURG, Virginia

"Loved this - very helpful in reframing my view of ADHD, providing high level information about brain function and diagnostic criteria as well as practical practice insights. I will likely view this again to get all the info I missed. "

Julie G - Princeton, New Jersey

"excellent program"

Kelli A - LAKE MARY, Florida

"One of my favorite courses in a long time, thank you!"

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"Very, useful, interesting seminar. Well put together."

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"Excellent presenter"

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"excellent presentation - very helpful "