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Every client has a reproductive story.

While on the surface they may look straight-forward, often these situations include unique experiences of hardship, confusion, trauma, anger, and grief.

And as clients become increasingly aware of the connection between reproduction and mental health, they're seeking our support more and more to navigate their reproductive challenges.

Unfortunately, most therapists don't receive training to know how to help these clients. And for therapists who've had their own difficult reproductive experience, there's an added challenge of supporting your client and not becoming triggered yourself.

That's why we've brought together a group of expert trainers to provide the education and skills all therapists need on this crucial topic.

Their decades of clinical research and experience will prepare you with the insight you need to effectively guide clients through this complex and often difficult journey, including:
  • What therapists should know about infertility and medically assisted reproduction
  • How to support clients undergoing fertility treatment
  • Ethical dilemmas and legal issues in fertility counseling
  • How to understand countertransference issues that may arise from the therapist's reproductive history
  • How to support clients when reproductive efforts fail
  • And much more!
This is the crucial first step to become confident and effective with this growing and overlooked clinical area of expertise.

Essentials of Reproductive Therapy:
Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, Trauma, Donor Conception, and More

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Join our expert trainers for seven in-depth modules filled with real clinical situations and in-depth insight on today's most complex reproductive issues.

INTRODUCTION | Why Fertility Counseling Matters More Than Ever
  • Why fertility counseling?
  • How to take this course

MODULE ONE | Getting to Know the World of Reproductive Medicine
  • What does it take to make a baby?
  • What happens when making a baby isn't working?
  • The evolution and growth of reproductive medicine
  • What therapists should know about infertility and medically assisted reproduction

MODULE TWO | The Expanding Role of Mental Health Professionals in Fertility Treatment
  • What is a fertility counselor?
  • How do fertility counselors fit in with the reproductive medical team?
  • What services do fertility counselors provide?
  • When do fertility counselors become involved?
  • What is involved in intake and assessment from the perspective of fertility counseling?
  • What does the future hold for fertility counseling?

MODULE THREE | When Fertility Issues Arise During Therapy: What Therapists Need to Know
  • Identify reproductive concerns and how they impact the course of psychotherapeutic treatment
  • Understand countertransference issues that can arise from the therapist's own reproductive history
  • Ethical dilemmas and legal issues in fertility counseling
  • Knowing when and how to refer

MODULE FOUR | A Therapeutic Map of Working with Clients Undergoing Fertility Treatment & Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
  • Preparing clients for fertility treatment and ART
  • Working with clients during fertility treatments and ART
  • Working with clients who are pregnant after ART
  • Working with clients post-birth/postpartum after ART

MODULE FIVE | The Legacy of Reproductive Loss & Trauma: Supporting Clients When Reproductive Efforts Fail
  • Types of reproductive loss
  • Understanding the experience of reproductive loss
  • What to know as a clinician

MODULE SIX | Treatment Considerations for Special Populations
  • The growing area of fertility preservation
  • Working with singles or un-partnered clients
  • Working with the LGBTQ+ population
  • Working with advanced age individuals and couples
  • Working with egg and sperm donors
  • Working with recipients of egg/sperm/embryo donation/gestational surrogacy
  • Working with gestational surrogates

MODULE SEVEN | Working with Families Created with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
  • Working with families who used have used donor conception or a gestational surrogate
  • Disclosure and its impact on everyone involved in the family building process
Essentials of Reproductive Therapy:
Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, Trauma, Donor Conception, and More
$399.97 Value
Just $249.99 Today — Limited Time Only!
Get instant course access and earn up to 7.5 CE Hours. Click here for CE credit details.
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BONUS CE WORKSHOP | Perinatal Loss: An Attachment-Informed Treatment Framework for Helping Clients Process and Heal from Pregnancy Loss ($149.99 value)
In this specialized, intensive training, pregnancy loss treatment expert Sunita Osborn, PsyD, MA, will walk you through the challenging realities of a pregnancy or infant loss - the accompanying emotional roller coaster and specific steps to take to help your clients move forward. You'll learn the best interventions for treating grief after a loss and uncover the unintentional mistakes you may be making.
BONUS CLINICAL RESOURCE | Reproductive Dreams: When Fertility Becomes a Challenge full issue from Psychotherapy Networker ($29.99 value)
In this in-depth edition, you'll get an up-close look at what happens when clients want to conceive a baby but are struggling to conceive. How is it possible to help clients recover wholeness, and perhaps even grow from the experience? With so many options in reproductive medicine these days, how can therapists knowledgeably guide clients on this complicated and harrowing journey? This issue features some of the field's leading experts on this topic providing unique insight that can help almost any clinician.
Essentials of Reproductive Therapy:
Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, Trauma, Donor Conception, and More
$399.97 Value
Just $249.99 Today — Limited Time Only!
Meet the Experts
Kristy Koser

Dr. Kristy Koser earned her BS in psychology and MA in counseling from Eastern Mennonite University. She holds a PhD in Counseling and Supervision from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Dr. Koser specializes in fertility counseling, helping couples navigate complex decisions while maintaining their relationship after a diagnosis of infertility and during fertility treatment. She has authored a number of chapters on fertility counseling, written professional peer-reviewed articles, and has presented on the topic by invitation at many venues around the country. Dr. Koser is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and is licensed to practice in OH, VA, and PA .

Click here for information about Kristy Koser.

Sharon Covington

Sharon N. Covington, LCSW-C, BCD, is a Board-Certified Diplomat in Clinical Social Work with almost 50 years' experience as an adult psychotherapist and over 40 years providing services in reproductive medical settings. While maintaining an active private practice, she is Director of Psychological Support Services for Shady Grove Fertility, the United States' largest ART program. In addition, she is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and has been an Associate Investigator in the Intramural Research Program on Reproductive and Adult Endocrinology at the National Institutes of Health.

Click here for information about Sharon Covington.

Laura Covington

Laura Covington, PhD, LICSW, LCSW-C, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with the counseling staff of Shady Grove Fertility in the Washington, DC metro area, and she is licensed in DC, MD, and PA. Dr. Covington has extensive experience providing psychological services for individuals and couples related to infertility and donor conception. She is a member of American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Mental Health Professional Group (MHPG) and also volunteers on Support Group Oversight Committee with RESOLVE. Dr. Covington has authored a number of chapters on fertility counseling, including on topics related to trauma, known gamete donation, pregnancy and parenting after infertility, and on being a pregnant therapist. Dr. Covington has a special interest in research and education around reproductive health issues, particularly with genitourinary trauma and Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI).

Click here for information about Laura Covington.

Linda Applegarth

Dr. Linda Applegarth is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology at the Perelman/Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine at Weill-Cornell Medical College in New York City and is past Director of Psychological Services. She has been involved in the field of infertility and reproductive medicine for over 40 years. Her clinical work has focused on assisting individuals and couples with the psychological components related to family-building options, fertility treatment, fertility preservation & donor-assisted reproduction. Dr. Applegarth is past Chair of the ASRM Mental Health Professional Group and is a past Secretary of the Board of Directors of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Her primary research interest includes follow-up with families and children created through donor-assisted reproduction. Her professional life has also included numerous teaching and other speaking engagements with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, with other professional organizations, and with Pharma.

Click here for information about Linda Applegarth.

Sunita Osborn

Sunita Osborn, PsyD, MA, is a licensed clinical psychologist who practices in Houston, Texas and works with adults and couples. Known as an expert on the treatment of pregnancy loss, Dr. Osborn specializes in reproductive psychology and helps individuals and couples in all phases of the reproductive journey.

Dr. Osborn has been featured and interviewed on several different media outlets including NPR, With Whit, Psychology Today, and several miscarriage-focused platforms such as, “The Miscarriage Map: What to Expect When You are no Longer Expecting” and, “The Miscarriage Map Workbook: An Honest Guide to Navigating Pregnancy Loss, Working Through the Pain, and Moving Forward.”

Click here for information about Sunita Osborn.

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This course is your first step into the quickly growing field of reproductive therapy. It covers the essentials you need to effectively start treating clients with issues around fertility and reproduction. And for those who are interested in becoming an officially qualified fertility counselor, this course includes guidance on how to advance your career in this clinical area of expertise.

Yes! This course was developed to be compatible with almost any therapeutic approach. Regardless of your personal or professional experience with the topic of reproduction, this course provides skills and insight that can enhance your interventions and increase your confidence.

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Essentials of Reproductive Therapy:
Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, Trauma, Donor Conception, and More
$399.97 Value
Just $249.99 Today — Limited Time Only!
Get instant course access and earn up to 7.5 CE Hours. Click here for CE credit details.

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