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Have you ever cut a tag out of a new shirt because it itches your neck? Or tried to have a conversation in a crowded room... it’s hard to hear the person you're talking to, right?

Imagine having that itchy irritation all over your body or hearing background noise amplified 10 times — children with sensory sensitivity often have overstimulating challenges like this.

We all have a unique makeup of sensory input and now you will discover effective sensory-based protocol that significantly decreases autism symptoms through practical interventions that can be customized for each individual's needs. Join nationally-renowned expert and author in sensory and modulation, Teresa Garland, MOT, OTR/L, in this revolutionary online course as she shares a multisensory approach to calm sensitivities and satisfy cravings.

Walk away immersed in four different types of interventions:
  • Desensitization of sound, textures and taste/smell
  • Activities using crafts and games that sooth sensitivities and fulfill cravings
  • Story-based exercises for all ages that significantly help with classroom performance
  • Cognitive activities to help children reframe their sensory experiences

Plus, you'll learn these types of strategies first-hand through 4 in-depth sessions filled with demonstrations! Expand your therapy toolbox with time-tested techniques such as:
  • 30+ Activities to Enrich the Senses in Autism
  • Sensory Add-Ons for the Classroom, Homework and Therapy
  • 4- to 7-minute FUNterval Workouts and Routines for Home or the Classroom
  • Hands On Projects to Keep Children Happily Involved in Pleasant Sensation
  • And so much more!
You will leave this course with fun and engaging approaches that keep a child's interest so you can help improve their sensory and self-regulation skills... and ultimately advance their future!
Autism & Sensory Disorders: Cutting-Edge Interventions for Children
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Today Only $299.99 — An Unbelievable Value!
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Increase Awareness and Tolerance with Fun and Engaging Interventions
Regulating Children with Autism and/or Sensory Disorders:
Cutting-Edge Interventions to Satisfy Sensory Cravings and Sensitivities
Learn cutting-edge interventions for satisfying sensory cravings and sensitivities in children (2-16 years) with autism and sensory modulation concerns. You will discover exercises that help children attend to, register and tolerate temperature, touch, sound, vision and vestibular activities. Through videos and demonstrations, you will walk away with dozens of new activities to use with your clients and students to incorporate into the home, school or early intervention classes.

Current Brain Research and SMD Symptoms

  • Latest research of sensory processing in the brain
  • What we know about oversensitivity, under-sensitivity and craving

A Program to Enrich the Senses in Autism

  • Decrease autism symptoms: latest research
  • How the program works
  • 15 exercises to increase awareness of touch, temperature, vision and movement
  • Exercises to increase tolerance of sound and scent
  • Grading the exercise (harder/easier)
  • Adding in speech, emotion and movement
  • Tips you can teach parents/caregivers and teachers

Sensory Desensitization Strategies

  • How to play with food – new ideas
  • Games for sound desensitization
  • A sequence of interventions for touch desensitization

Sensory Immersion Strategies

  • Sensory sensitivity: How to find ease with immersion in sensation
  • Sensory craving: How to turn cravings into hobbies
  • Touch and vision: Yarn, stone, wood, paper and metal crafts and activities
  • Sound: Music, games, rhythms
  • 'Wearable' scent
  • Plan and design multi-day multisensory projects

Movement Exercises to Calm and Manage Stress

  • 4- and 7-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • FUNterval stories and routines for all ages
  • Create your own FUNterval

Wrap-up: Helping the Unhappy Sensory Child

  • Finding the child’s inner happy self
  • Making the shift from negative to positive outlook
Walk away with step-by-step protocol that significantly decreases autism symptoms and sensory immersion strategies you can begin using immediately. Get started today!
PLUS... Four Indepth Sessions Filled with Demonstrations
Retail Value of $199 — Included When You Register Today!
Session 1
Session 1:
How to Work with Children: A Sensory Approach
This workshop focuses on the art of working with a child. Using the "10 core elements of good sensory interventions" as our guide, we will discuss strategies for therapists, educators and caregivers to deliver sensory interventions. Topics include: grading activities for the just-right challenge; making the child an ally and partner in interventions; keeping the child regulated; ensuring the child’s safety; and setting up the environment. We will also discuss ways to seamlessly incorporate sensory input into the day.
Session 2
Session 2:
Environmental Enrichment: A Sensory-Based Protocol to Reduce the Severity of Autism
In this workshop, you will learn how to customize and implement a sensory awareness and desensitization protocol for a child with autism of any age in a home or school setting. This evidence-based protocol (Woo & Leon, 2013, 2015) has been shown to reduce autism severity in children of all ages. You will walk away with 34 rotating activities that develop the child’s awareness to hot/cold, visual, touch, vestibular and sound sensations. Additional activities for speech, physical exercise and emotions are included and can be incorporated into the original protocol. You will learn how to adapt the 34 activities to give the child a just-right challenge. There will be live demonstrations of the activities.
Session 3
Session 3:
Story-Based 4- and 7-Minute Workouts for the Classroom and Home
Learn story-based high intensity interval training (HIIT) that are fun and will make children giggle as they get in shape. These routines make children strong and give them on-the-spot regulation. We look at three 4-minute classroom routines and a 7-minute home routine. Plus, learn how to make your own FUNterval. You’ll also learn about high intensity interval training (HIIT) and how intensive exercise helps children to self-regulate.
Session 4
Session 4:
Sensory Enrichment: Using Everyday Activities to Calm Sensitivities and Sensory Craving
Create activities for the fidgety child, the sensitive child and the unmotivated child. This workshop presents new ideas, activities and projects to keep children with sensory modulation disorder happily immersed in pleasant sensation. There will be live demonstrations with children showing desensitization techniques for sound, texture and food. Additional demonstrations include activities for sensory-immersion in textures such as yarn, wood and stone, and in in scent, color, and music. We also take a brief look at the latest evidence for sensory interventions.
Autism & Sensory Disorders: Cutting-Edge Interventions for Children
Valued Over $429
Today Only $299.99 — An Unbelievable Value!
Plus, earn up to 12 CE hours — included in the course tuition!
BONUS! Hands-On Activities for Children with Autism & Sensory Disorders
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PDF eBook | Innovative, practical and fun activities for children with autism and sensory disorders...
Following a step-by-step recipe format, Teresa Garland, MOT, OTR/L provides over 175 activities and interventions to help children with their sensory needs. This highly detailed, illustrated and accessible guide is a rich resource for any therapist, teacher or parent.
  • Crafts, recipes, music and exercises for the clinic, classroom or home
  • A multi-sensory enrichment program for children with autism
  • Gradual exposure activities for children who can’t tolerate sensory input
  • Sensory immersion activities to desensitize the child to touch, taste and sound
  • Reduce stress and anxiety with physical exercises and reframing strategies
Get to Know Your Speaker

Teresa Garland, MOT, OTR/L, is an occupational therapist and author specializing in sensory and modulation issues. She has worked in schools, sensory clinics and medical settings with children and adults, treating sensory disorders, ADHD and autism. Ms. Garland works closely with other health professionals, teachers and doctors to understand and treat underlying sensory, timing, and coordination/motor planning issues as well as overlying socio/emotional behaviors and the symptoms of autism. She is trained/certified in the SIPT, Interactive Metronome®, Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), Therapeutic Listening, Wilbarger’s Sensory Defensiveness, the Natural Heart Approach, Mindfulness Training, and Food Chaining. Her book is titled, Self-Regulation Interventions and Strategies: Keeping the Body, Mind and Emotions on Task in Children with Autism, ADHD and Sensory Disorders. Learn more about Teresa Garland.

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Autism & Sensory Disorders: Cutting-Edge Interventions for Children
Valued Over $429
Today Only $299.99 — An Unbelievable Value!
Plus, earn up to 12 CE hours — included in the course tuition!
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