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Your clients are constantly plagued by memory triggers of their loss, making even the simplest moments of the day feel empty beyond belief.

Reality is, you are one of the only sources of comfort for those grieving. To guide your clients toward healing, you need a customizable framework — as unique as each client.

In this incredible course, you'll learn with bestselling author and one of the most celebrated voices in grief work of all time, David Kessler, and Paul Dennison, creator of Grief Yoga, how to heal grief through the mind and body connection.

You'll experientially learn breathing, movement, sound, and yoga techniques that you can integrate into therapy to meet diverse client needs. These adaptable body-based interventions will quickly bring relief, comfort, and light into the lives of your clients. Walk away knowing how to...

  1. Help clients find security in their grief
  2. Create meaningful connections that heal painful memories
  3. Understand "grief triggers" and use them as a roadmap for healing
  4. Help to resolve relentless shame and guilt
  5. Cultivate acceptance where clients judge and discount their emotional experience
…all while further unlocking how the mystery of death and challenge of grief can become a source of growth.

PLUS, when you register now, you'll get FREE bonus trainings on the intersection of grief and addiction, the art of "remembering well," and a deeply personal article on grief and love.

There is life after death for your grieving clients... Be the therapist that helps them shape a new reality — full of acceptance, healing, and meaning.
David Kessler on Grief Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit

$629.94 Value
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Plus, earn up to 11.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
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Here's what your colleagues are saying...

Five Stars
"Wonderful training. This was very helpful to me not only as a therapist, but as a human. Thank you, David!
— Rebekah L., Counselor, Community Mental Health
"Excellent. I found it very useful to think about some things in a fresh way and help some clients who seem "stuck" in the river. — Gail M., Social Worker
Five Stars
Five Stars
"I love all the resources. — Carolyn M., Counselor
"David presented this hard topic with clarity and a deep level of authenticity. He shared his own stories and was gracious towards all who asked questions and shared parts of their stories.
— Jean H., Psychotherapist
Five Stars
What You'll Learn
Each self-paced module in this course builds upon the previous one to create a robust educational experience that takes your grief treatment skills to a whole new level.
Moving Our Bodies & Minds Through Grief
Experientially learn techniques that will help normalize the grief process to build a strong foundation to being more in-depth with grief processing work. Know your role in the therapy room, ground your client, and begin to build resilience as you transform trauma and difficult emotions. You'll discover...
  • Specific skills to treat traumatic grief
  • Know the keys to finding acceptance, excavating pain, and exploring meaning
  • Transform anger and fear through the mind-body connection
  • Create resilience by enhancing cognitive awareness, flexibility, and intentional body movements
  • More deeply understand how the mind finds control in guilt, isolation, and shame
  • Know how to be a "witness" instead of trying to "fix" grief
Healing After Loss
Get to know the nuances of helping clients truly heal after loss. Be able to have the skills that will help them stay present in session to fully feel emotions, trauma, and whatever else may be blocking their healing process. Learn to...
  • Support clients through navigating old wounds that resurface during losses
  • Guide clients to overcome blocks to understanding their healing trajectory
  • Help clients release self-blame that keeps them trapped
  • Give clients skills to talk about their losses with friends and family
  • Empower clients to set boundaries for themselves in their grieving
Finding Meaning After Loss
Explore Kessler's unique contribution to the field of grief work — the sixth stage of grieving. Endorsed by the family, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, conceptualizing a final stage of grief will guide to you better understanding and answer questions like, "when will the pain of grief end?" Walk away able to...
  • Develop greater sensitivity to stigmatized losses — children, siblings, parents, addiction, suicide, and more
  • Explore the strengths and limitations of the Kubler-Ross model to better develop post-traumatic growth
  • Integrate techniques from positive psychology to keep clients grounded in "witnessing" their grief
  • Uncover the secrecy that keeps shame alive
  • Release clients from the guilt that keeps them helpless

David Kessler on Grief Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit

$629.94 Value
Just $299.99 Today — Unbelievable Savings!

Plus, earn up to 11.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for Credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline
BONUS! $149.98 Value, Yours FREE
Treating Addiction & Grief
Substance misuse and addiction often lead to death — whether it be overdoses, accidents, or suicides — the lives of many are impacted by these sudden deaths. Kessler walks you through understanding the opioid epidemic, tools for validation, survivors guilt, and more — so you can more deeply connect your clients' unique grief experience.
How to "Remember Well"
Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to approach client questions such as, "when will this pain end?" with a newfound sensitivity and confidence. Help clients navigate and differentiate between trauma and grief experiences while avoiding the most common pitfalls of getting over losses.
Love & Grief: Finding Meaning in Loss by David Kessler
Exclusive Subscribers-Only article — just for you!
Learn with the world's foremost grief and loss expert...
David Kessler
David Kessler, MA, RN, FACHE, has taught diverse mental health professionals, physicians, nurses, counselors, police, and first responders about the end of life, trauma, and grief. He also facilitates talks, workshops, and retreats for those experiencing grief. David also has deeply painful first-hand experience with grief and loss as he navigated the death of his mother, son, and witnessed a mass shooting. David's artful and sensitive storytelling gives you wisdom and insight you can share with your clients for decades to come.

Additionally, David is the founder of and the internationally celebrated author of six books, including the bestselling Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief. He co-authored two books with Elisabeth Kubler Ross, including On Grief and Grieving, and updated her 5 stages of grief. His first book, The Needs of The Dying received praise from Saint (Mother) Teresa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grief presents in diverse and often hidden ways, and it rarely travels alone. Many clients come in with complaints about depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and even trauma, that is all closely related to grief. Whether you are working with a client that has a chief complaint of grief or is coming in for other problems, so often these clients need you to know how to manage loss and mourning. Adding grief-specific clinical tools to your toolbox will help you support almost any client you see, at any stage of life, and will serve you for the rest of your career.

Often topics like death, dying, mourning, and grief are challenging to talk about in the therapy room — sometimes even clinicians don't quite know what to say or do to help their clients. This course gives you key somatic and body-based interventions to help you guide these clients. You'll also learn how to have conversations with confidence, heightened sensitivity, and deepened compassion. Plus, keep in mind that what we know about grief has changed over time. Kubler-Ross' five stages of grief have evolved over time by developments in neuroscience, professional specialization, and more.

Immediately when you register, you'll have access to all course materials — including videos, slides, demos, and more!
David Kessler on Grief Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit

$629.94 Value
Just $299.99 Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Plus, earn up to 11.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for Credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline
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