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I know I have an account, but the website is not allowing me to log in. What does this mean?

Psychotherapy Networker offers many different types of programs.  In order to provide these different learning formats and maintain accurate continuing education histories for our each of our customers, we have split our programs and services into different accounts.  Most likely, your login information is correct, but you are trying to log in at the incorrect location for the services that you are trying to access.

Bookstore Account:  The bookstore account can be accessed by clicking the “Login” button in the upper, right-hand corner of  This account is for product purchases such as DVDs, magazine quizzes, and your magazine subscription. 

Distance Learning Account: Digital seminars and online courses are accessed through your distance learning account.  You can access your distance learning account by going to and clicking “Sign In.” 

It's also possible that your distance-learning account was created through PESI, Inc., and not through Psychotherapy Networker.  If that is the case, you will receive a login message that notifies you that your account is on, and you will be given an option to log into the PESI distance learning account.  However, if you are trying to log in to purchase a Psychotherapy Networker online program, you will need to create a separate account on

If you receive the log in message, please click “Login with PESI.”  After you log in, the website will automatically create an account for you on and link your account on the two websites.

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